We fixed our Teaching/Learning System based on the Cambridge International Structure.
The School uses Performance Checks, which aim to identify to what extent the proposed educational Goals may have been achieved.


We offer a broad range of subjects and training areas which include:
- English [as the main medium of communication]
- Portuguese
- Mathematics
- Science (Biology, Physics & Chemistry)
- Geography
- Social & Development Studies
- Creative & Technology Studies
- Spiritual & Moral Education
- Computer Technology
- Global Perspectives
- Music & Art


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Green-ward International School

Green-ward International School, also referred to as AGAPE Christian Academy, is a Cambridge International School based in Luanda, Angola. It is a vibrant rapidly evolving Institution, certified by Cambridge International Education Assessment in United Kingdom, and providing International Educational Schooling System to students. The school works in association with internationally recognized Education Providers/Institutes to offer Professional International Education services.

AGAPE Christian Academy

To make International Education System Accessible & Affordable and Providing Quality, Efficient, Effective & Meaningful Education System that would help to meet Individual, National as well as International needs and Value systems, that would enable the learners / school graduates fit in and study/ work anywhere on the global market.


From Nursary/ Crèche; Reception, Primary, as well as Lower & Upper Secondary Levels.
We also have offer GCE and Advanced Levels/ Stage 13


From January to Dezembro December. , You can register anytime. anytime.

Excellent Learning System, Excellent Teachers & Excellent Results!

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Our mission is to make quality international education accessible in Angola for students, in order to develop their development and in turn that of the Angolan nation.

Make the International Education System Accessible, Accessible and Provide a Quality, Efficient, Effective and Meaningful Education System that would help meet individual, national and international needs and value systems, allowing the school's students / graduates to adjust and study / work anywhere in the global market.

To have access to quality systems and materials and offer the best quality education in the country to better serve our students. To expose students, teachers and other employees to a quality environment.

Ensure better learning and educational performance. To expose students and teachers to a quality international learning system, open the doors to the world market and enable them to effectively meet global demands. To allow students to take exams from an internationally recognized institution. To gain international recognition and enhanced reputation for the school and students.


    Today we are recognized as a school, humble and that has been developing gradually, we are even better known for providing Quality Education, and introducing Christian education in our curriculum, which makes our school increasingly attractive and desired by many parents.

    • Commitment to duty
    • Taking care of our students to take care of the future
    • Courage to explore, learn and develop
    • Cooperation and Relationship
    • Continuous improvement
    • Reliability - trust and be reliable
    • Responsibility