Our company is approved by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum (MIREMPET) in Angola] and is constantly evolving and providing a wide range of services.


Our goal is to make International Vocational Training & Educational Scholarity accessible and at the lowest possible cost.


GWITC has been providing Professional Training to self-sponsored companies and students in Angola since 2011, working together with the Green World Group.

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Ministry Approval

A nossa empresa é aprovada pelo MINIPET (actal MIREMPET) Aprovada pelo Ministério do Petróleo em Angola; e, está em constante evolução e a prestar uma vasta gama de serviços. O nosso objectivo é tornar a Formação Profissional Internacional & Ensino acessível e acessível, de modo a reforçar o Profissionalismo & Desempenho que poderá ser benéfico não só para os licenciados, mas também para as Instituições onde os seus serviços serão oferecidos, para a nação e para o mundo em geral.

The institution works in association with internationally recognized Professional/ Educational Training Providers /Institutes to offer International Professional Educational Training services.

GWITC has been providing Professional Training to companies & self sponsored students in Angola since 2011, working in conjuction with Green World Group. GWITC has also been providing International Education in Angola since 2015, exhibiting excellent, encouraging & well appreciated performance results. GWITC uses Cambridge International System Of Learning, being a Cambridge School, to provide Educational & Professional Training to Students and Workers.

We aim at making International Professional Training & Educational Schooling accessible and affordable, so as to enhance effective individual & global Performance that could be beneficial not only to the graduates, but also the Institutions where their services will be offered, the nation and world at large.

Having highly Competent, Experienced, Qualified and Reputable Trainers & Teachers, we provide International Quality standards, with remarkable training Methods, and an excellent percentage passing rate.

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Make quality professional and educational training systems accessible and affordable; and provide the best service solutions that help many build their own future.

Our key objective is to help enhance Professionalism & contribute to national development through empowering people, by way of making International Education and Professional Training Courses Affordable & Accessible to personnel (locals / Experts) within or outside Angola.

To make Quality Professional Training Accessible & Affordable, to help Promote good Performance, Improve and Safeguard People’s lives, the organisations they work for, as well as the Environment and Communities at large.