English Course (All Levels)

Our company is approved by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum (MIREMPET) in Angola] and is constantly evolving and providing a wide range of services.


Our goal is to make International Vocational Training & Educational Scholarity accessible and at the lowest possible cost.


GWITC has been providing Professional Training to self-sponsored companies and students in Angola since 2011, working together with the Green World Group.

We have all levels of English, sign up now and speak English!

Cambridge Certification

We continue to grow, with new product and service offers that we invite you to visit, this site or our facilities in Estoril; total availability to our customers comes from believing that we distribute a product of real value to their personal, academic and professional lives.

Everything you need to know

We are a Platinum Authorized Cambridge Assessment English Examination Center operating in Angola since early 2011. We have entered this restricted market, regulated by strict quality, safety and service standards, with a bet on the use of new technologies and a differentiated customer service.

We currently have the support of dozens of language schools, public and private educational establishments and companies that have made us their choice when it comes to assessing and certifying the English level of their students. In doing so, we have achieved one of our main objectives, which was to bring the full range of Cambridge Assessment English exams from north to south to the interior of the country.

We are your solution

Over the years we have conducted thousands of paper and computer examinations in various locations, and above all we have been able to increase the offer of exam dates, conducting sessions of all levels in months where traditionally our country did not have this offer.

Offering greater flexibility in enrolment and more rigorous examination conditions, the English Exam Centre has built the loyalty of its clients, whether schools, teachers or private individuals, through personalised support from exam preparation to the receipt of these prestigious Certificates, accepted globally by thousands of organisations.


Besides the international certifications, training to obtain them, we also have the national packages that go from basic to advanced. we have the best prices on the market, but you should take advantage of this promotion phase that ends soon!

Mode of Payment

A flexible payment system exists, where Course Fees can either be paid in full or in Installment. For the Installment mode, part of it is paid before starting the course, while the other part upon starting.


A discount of 5% exists for every three (3) Candidates sponsored by a company; and, where the candidates are introduced by an individual to GWITC, he/she gets 5% for every three of them.

For more information about Courses, Course Contents and Accreditation, please refer to our GWG Website: www.greenwgroup.com

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