Internal Auditor Training

Our company is approved by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum (MIREMPET) in Angola] and is constantly evolving and providing a wide range of services.


Our goal is to make International Vocational Training & Educational Scholarity accessible and at the lowest possible cost.


GWITC has been providing Professional Training to self-sponsored companies and students in Angola since 2011, working together with the Green World Group.

Don't wait any longer, come and do the audit training!

Mode of Payment

A flexible payment system exists, where Course Fees can either be paid in full or in Installment. For the Installment mode, part of it is paid before starting the course, while the other part upon starting.


A discount of 5% exists for every three (3) Candidates sponsored by a company; and, where the candidates are introduced by an individual to GWITC, he/she gets 5% for every three of them.

For more information about Courses, Course Contents and Accreditation, please refer to our GWG Website:

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