We fixed our Teaching/Learning System based on the Cambridge International Structure.
The School uses Performance Checks, which aim to identify to what extent the proposed educational Goals may have been achieved.


We offer a broad range of subjects and training areas which include:
- English [as the main medium of communication]
- Portuguese
- Mathematics
- Science (Biology, Physics & Chemistry)
- Geography
- Social & Development Studies
- Creative & Technology Studies
- Spiritual & Moral Education
- Computer Technology
- Global Perspectives
- Music & Art


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Green-ward International School

Green-ward International School, also referred to as AGAPE Christian Academy, is a Cambridge International School based in Luanda, Angola. It is a vibrant rapidly evolving Institution, certified by Cambridge International Education Assessment in United Kingdom, and providing International Educational Schooling System to students. The school works in association with internationally recognized Education Providers/Institutes to offer Professional International Education services.

AGAPE Christian Academy Learning System

The AGAPE Christian Academy Education Syllabi are a product of International Home School and Basic Education Curriculum Systems, based on an integrated system that is Child/ Pupil Centered, done on a one to one basis between a Teacher as a facilitator and a Pupil, promotes communicative approach.

AGAPE CA Learning System

The system considers Students not as empty vessels to be filled, but as people with full potential who need to be facilitated / helped to bring independent and responsible citizens, creating an enabling environment for their development and realization of their potential.

The AGAPE curriculum is based on results and focuses more on the results of each student, except for the advancement of the level of schooling for all or the completion of the plan of studies for and with all. The curriculum uses Continuous Assessment to help monitor individual learning progress, improve the diagnosis of any learning disabilities, and determine the appropriate corrective assistance that would need to be provided to the respective student because people are complex and not all students can have exactly the same pace of intellectual learning.



The teaching methodology is largely based on a communicative approach, whose characteristics include:

Putting learners into skill groups, using continuous assessment, using communicative, interactive and learner-centered participatory techniques such as


Discussion in pairs or in groups

Answer to the question

Field trips or project work

Problem solving

Transfer of information


Case studies

Debate, etc.